How long does a car insurance claim take to settle ?

Does a loss occur even though your vehicle is covered by insurance? You don’t have to worry, the company will take care of it to compensate you. However, if this drags on it is your duty to make a complaint. How much time do you have in this case to formulate your request? Here are some details.

The time limit in the event of material damage

In fact, the nature and severity of claims are factors that can change the times when you are awaiting compensation. In the event of material damage following an accident, the law has ruled. It provides for a maximum period of three months during which the insurer must make a proposal to the owner of the vehicle.

Obviously, this step follows the passage of an expert to assess the material damage and costs incurred. Thus, the insured beyond the three days following the occurrence of the loss can request a claim for the settlement of his rights.

The time limit in the event of bodily injury

In this case, the period is longer and runs up to 8 months after the loss. Indeed, this period makes it possible to better assess the extent of the bodily injury suffered by the injured people. It also makes it possible to assess the state of health at the time of the events and the future development. Therefore, the insurer has this margin of time to address its proposal to its insured. It is only at the end of this period that the latter can appeal to his company for a complaint.

The case of theft or vandalism

Have you been away from your home for a while? If on your return you notice the theft of your car or acts of vandalism perpetrated on the vehicle, what to do? You should immediately contact your insurance company to report the incident. In this case, there is no legal limitation period for compensation. In general, you should fall back on the provisions of your insurance contract in this specific case.

Insurance companies usually offer compensation to their clients within a month. So, if you have no feedback from your insurer within this period of time, please revive your insurance business from time to time.

The possibility of natural disaster

In this specific case, although the deadline is three months, the procedure differs a little. Indeed, a ministerial decree will have to mention the accident that your vehicle has suffered and classify it as a natural disaster. It is only from then that the 90-day period takes effect. So, in the absence of a formal proposal from your insurer following this legal limitation, you can request an automobile insurance claim for repair.

Moreover, whatever the scenario in which you fall the compensation proposal is only the initial step. Indeed, the insurer after acceptance of his proposal then has a period to proceed with the settlement. This is one month for property damage and 45 days for bodily injury.

Ultimately, after a loss involving your vehicle, you can benefit from an insurance claim. However, beyond the cases mentioned above, insurance contracts may define specific deadlines to satisfy you as quickly as possible.

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