Which city should i live in USA ?

With more than 125 metropolitan cities, the United States is one of the top countries. It contains many opportunities for doing business. However, some cities are more popular than others. Discover these cities through here.


Austin is one of the most attractive and preferred cities for expats given its low unemployment rate. Indeed, with more than 2 million inhabitants, the unemployment rate in this city is 3.2%. To this end, the job and opportunity market is very dynamic. Moreover, it is one of the cities that has retained the cultural roots. As a result, festivals take place every year such as the south by Southwest. Apart from that, Texas has one of the largest universities in the United States, the University of Texas which already has over 50,000 students.

Colorado Springs

With more than 700,000 inhabitants, Colorado Springs is the second city to be favored. Likewise, it is the second-largest city in the state of Colorado and the 39th-largest city nationally. It benefits from a low unemployment rate and a fairly low cost of living. It brings together several organizations including leading companies and manufacturers of electronic chips. In addition, this city has several famous military installations and national defense agencies. Meanwhile, the United States Northern Command and NORAD make it one of the largest cities in the country.


Des Moines has a fairly low unemployment rate of 2.9% and a fairly affordable cost of living. It is the largest city in Iowa, suitable for expats and tourists alike. Likewise, the average income of residents of this city is at least 49,420 dollars. In addition to this income, Iowa has affordable housing suitable for everyone. Several insurance companies such as Principal Financial, American Republic Insurance Company, AmerUs Group and Allied Insurance are headquartered in this city. On the other hand, the state capitol, Saint-Ambrose cathedral, the Ruan center and the 801 Grand represent the centers of interest.

Washington D.C

If you want a better living environment and a fairly high cost of living, then go to Washington, DC. With an unemployment rate of 3.7% and an average income of $68,000, it is easy to adjust to the realities of this city. Being the capital of the United States, it has the largest:

  • companies,
  • universities,
  • hospitals,

and organizations across the country.

In addition, it has several museums and more than 140 million works. With art galleries and theaters, Washington will provide you with excellent stays.


Seattle, the capital of Washington, also appears in the ranking of cities for expatriates. With an average income of $61,000, the cost of living in this city is very affordable. Apart from Microsoft and Amazon, you will also find the largest companies in the United States in Seattle. The Boeing Company, Washington Mutual and Nintendo of America are all companies boosting the economy of this city.

If you are planning to live in the United States, then choose one of these cities.


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