How to start agile transformation ?

Everything seems to be going wrong in your company, and you are looking for an immediate and adequate solution to go back up? Have you been told about agile transformation, but you are struggling to establish this method to solve the problem? Here are the tips for you to start an agile transformation.

Identify the problem and inform the whole team

All effective transformation begins with a diagnosis. For that, you must find exactly the base of the problem which plagues your organization. To this end, you must search all sectors of the structure: the management committee, employees, customers, etc. Take enough time to check to find the source of the problem. As soon as you have this answer, you will be able to get by.

In addition, you can let all staff know about the problem, as it may take a reorganization of the corporate structure to resolve it. In order not to surprise the staff, they must be at the same level of information.

Build a team to lead the transformation

Agile transformation must be led by a team of people who are dynamic and determined to solve problems. The team will be headed by the chairman of the company’s management committee. It includes a representative from all sectors of society for a more mature and objective reflection. The team will take care of setting up hypotheses to simulate the transformation. She will have to divide the hypotheses into test cases in order to get the results faster. She will get rid of those which have not borne fruit. It must act scientifically and consider all assumptions into account.

Choose continuous improvement

After summarizing the results of the ad hoc team, you move on to implementing the confirmed hypotheses. As the tests are implemented, you make adjustments based on your business. You must continue to make proposals for day-to-day changes. You develop, test, and adopt new strategies to sustain your organization and make it competitive. To last over time and achieve agile transformation, the continuous improvement method will be very effective.

Measure the results

You need to start measuring the impact of your testing on the agile evolution or transformation of the business. To do this, you must satisfy your customers, seek to know their level of satisfaction. You should also observe your employees examine their effectiveness. In short, you need to carefully monitor the entire organization so that no internal or external event gets in the way of your agile transformation project. You have to be really imposing on your staff so that you can influence their traditional behavior. Employees will constantly slow down others, with them to be severe in order to achieve your goals.

Start accelerating

If you notice that the majority of employees have sided with the transformation, hit the accelerator. Apply pressure and work tirelessly. Test the products, analyze and modify if necessary. Learn to tolerate mistakes, but don’t slow down. Motivate staff, work hard, and you will lead to agile transformation.

Go for an agile transformation to scale your business. The outcome of this metamorphosis will be up to you.


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