What is a limper in poker ?

Strategies are important when betting on table games like poker. One of the strongest opponents you can face during online poker are limpers. To be successful in playing online poker, you will need to learn how to defeat these players or avoid them.

Before we learn the tips about beating limpers let’s discuss what is a poker limper, and how you can spot them during gameplay.

Who is a Limper?

A limper in an online poker game is someone that calls regularly rather than raises bets when playing poker. Limpers limp when other poker players fold.

To be a limper, you will lose the various ways to win a hand by letting other players see your flop. Spotting limpers is easy when you notice the following:

  • Limpers stake when they are in charge of strong hands.
  • When they don’t have anything, limpers check-fold.
  • When limpers have a stalemate, they check-call.

Betting against limpers is pretty difficult if you can’t counter their strategy. You could lose your bet unless you find a way around their strategy.

Strategies to counter Limpers

There are two basic approaches you can use against an open limper, depending on several factors. They are:

Loosen Up

When you notice that a limper is prefloping, a player can target the limper with aggression to make him loosen up. Limpers usually make errors, therefore they are likely to go easy at you in order to win pots.

These mistakes can allow you to isolate them and use them. An important poker situation is when a Limper is forced to raise preflop in a small range.

Play Tighter

Another Strategy to defeat a limper is staking tighter. This approach can be used when players are usually behind 3-bet and when playing short stacks.

This strategy isn’t as successful as the “loosen up” approach, however, it works if you understand it well.

How to defeat limpers in online poker

Here are some tips to use when going against a limper:

Know his strategy

You will need to learn a limper strategy if you wish to defeat him. Many limpers stake with direct hand ranges when they have a strong hand like Pocket 3s.

Raise with Strong hands

Another good tip to defeat a limper is raising with premium hands and pairs in a linear range. You can decide to raise hands like, JJ, or 10 after some limps.

If you are betting on online poker, you could also add some extra blinds per limper. Moreover also isolating the limper to play his strongest hand night work. Bluffing limpers also works by identifying their ranges.

Raise medium-hands occasionally

When you get to a favorable position during the round, you could try to raise medium hands. If your present hands aren’t favorable for preflop and need improvement to win, don’t worry, another situation will present itself.

Raising hands with speculative hands like J, 10 and other connectors could also work. This tip works well against weak players that limp regularly.

Don’t raise your hand when you suspect a trap

Always trust your instincts when playing against a limper. Usually, limpers lay traps for opponents. When this happens, raise your strong hands with implied odds. If you think you are being led to a trap, you can simply limp behind.

To be successful in online poker against a limper, you need to know what is a poker limper and use different strategies as well as approaches to counter their game.

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